Once a Brand selects a Creator for a campaign, the Creator has 2 weeks to submit content for approval. To help keep a Brand’s campaign on track we ask that the Brand review within a week after a Creator has submitted it. 

We make it easy to share submitted content with Brand stakeholders that don’t have access to Pop Pays. To export photo content, press “Command + P” to create a PDF of all pending content. Video content can easily be shared with a Brand’s team via a shareable link. 

If the Creator didn’t quite follow the brief and missed the mark on content, the Brand can ask for revisions. Feedback to a Creator should directly reference the section the brief that was not addressed, so that it can be fixed on a second try. 

Once the Brand approves content, Creators will be notified that their content has been approved, and they can proceed with the campaign. A Brand has access to the content to download for their use only after content has been approved. 

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