As we highlight in our Pop Pays lingo FAQ post, the “brief” is the part of the campaign where brands detail exactly what they’re looking for from the selected creators. It is the contract that guides your work on the platform with a specific brand and includes important details like the type of content desired, due dates, caption requirements, and the rights the brand will have to the content you create. If you’re accepted to a campaign, you’ll refer back to the brief as you create your content to make sure you’re meeting all the requirements. 

The end of the contract between the creator and brand is clearly stated in the brief. Any violation of the contract can lead to immediate termination of the contract by Pop Pays and possible suspension or a lower creator rating. Make sure you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s when you apply to a campaign. Once you hit the submit button, you’ve officially accepted the deliverables and rights as listed in the brief. Check out our Community Guidelines to make sure you understand what we expect from creators. While you’re at it, peep the User Terms of Service, too.

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