It’s no secret that working with influencers unlocks tremendous buying power so much so that 83% of Americans are likely to buy a product or service when this recommended from a family or friend. And now a days, influencers and social media personalities play a special role in our lives. 

We’ve created a helpful guide to follow and implement in order to make the most of your conversion campaigns on Popular Pays.

Networks: YouTube & Instagram content will work hardest for you organically

  • YouTube: evergreen and longer form content tends to have a better shelf life
  • Instagram: IGTV: experiment with the growth of IG’s newest feature. Feed: best for permanent presence + link in bio. Stories: Use swipe up functionality 
  • Content: videos are emotionally more engaging and tend to be more actionable & perform better
  • Creators partnerships need to be ongoing and repetitive. Consumers are more likely to buy something after encountering it over and over. We recommended a creator posting several times on behalf of the brand
  • Invest in creators in order to receive it in return. 
  • Establish trackable codes that are unique to the program on Popular Pays
  • Portfolio approach of different types of creators —> will help you develop curated group of creators that work for your brand

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