The brief is easily the hardest part of the creative process, we created a guide to make it a breeze

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The Brand and Campaign: 

  • Brand: quick and dirty on who you are from consumer perspective. Think social media bio. 
  • Campaign: share overall objective of the campaign. What the creator will create and why. 

Product and Deliverables:

  • Numerically list all requirements per type of content. 
  • Mixed media represents uploads for story content and has min requirements which allows are at least 2 pieces of content to be uploaded. 
  • Hot tip: requirements are requirements, they are not flexible so please make sure you list what you want and within reason. 

What you’ll feature:

  • Share product choices
  • MSRP
  • Note if creator will purchase of brand will be shipping product.
  • Hot tip: good place to pricing information for creators if brand has fixed pricing for creator or is product only. If no product will be shown, what you are looking for.

Brand Styleguide:

  • Section is intended to support the visuals you want and ideally what you want to see.
  • If its video: share content that showcases the level of production and look you are after.
  • If its branded content: include color thematics, brand and font logo’s. 

Content Manadatories:

  • This is where it gets serious. List DO’s and DONT’s for content creation. 
  • For example, think of any type of outcome that could occur (ya i know) but seriously. Can content be shot indoor or only outdoors? Can faces be included in the shot? Can creators only be using the product?

Caption Overview: 

  • Have some key messaging that you want to make sure creators communicate? Include that in required here
  • This where the creator talks about you and the partnership. Include any hashtags, talking points, tags, and preferred FTC disclosure. 

Ideal creators

  • Tell us who or who like you want to work with. This can be actual profiles or located based, age, gender, interests. You get it!
  • Tell us if you’ll be opening to Popular Pays community OR your internal community of onboarded creators

Questions for creators: Use them or lose them. This is your opportunity to dig in and learn more about creators outside of their portfolio and social feeds. Fee free to ask any question. Whether that be - how many kids do you have, share examples of branded content, or are you traveling soon, if so, where? Whatever pertains to the brief.

Here’s hot tips to keep in mind along the way: 

  • Short and sweet is key. We like to recommend all language be simple and easily understandable for outsider's perspective, no insider marketing language please!
  • Bullet points, spacing, and bold font make it easy to follow. Allows for the most important parts to stand out. Use carefully ;)
  • Visuals make the explaining easier. We always recommend sharing past content or content you love for reference points for creators. Great place to direct. 
  • Timeline, timelines, timelines. Creators are people, too so if your campaign is working against quick timing for content creation, please update the brief to note this. 
  • Is this an event? Remember who, what, when, where, and why will go a long way and make sure to establish a process for real-time or time lapsed approvals.

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