Easily export content created on Popular Pays to your Facebook Ads Manager account, and use on Facebook or Instagram as promoted or boosted posts.

Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Connect a FB ad account to your campaign. Connecting your FB ad account allows exported content to drop directly into your Facebook Ad Manager Ad Creative Asset Library.
  2. Export approved content to your FB Account. Export all content by selecting Enable bulk asset export or singularly select and send 1 piece of content to your Ads Manager Ad Creative Asset Library. Content that has the green bar on top means we've successfully exported the content . You can also hover over the content to see the status.
  3. Create an ad using Pop Pays exported content. Within your Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll want to set up an ad campaign. Check out Facebook’s Guide on how to create ads here.

    When you get to your ad level, this is where you’ll want to select the creatives! Click Select Image  or Select Video  button (based on your placement) and you’ll see the newly exported content. Select your Pop Pays content, and publish ad. 

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