I keep getting redirected to the following page, but I don't see my Instagram Business Account. 

Why this could happen:

1. You're not logged into the correct Facebook account. If you manage a lot of Facebook accounts and have different logins, you could have logged into a Facebook account that is not connected to your Instagram Business account. 

  1. Log out of your Facebook account or app. 
  2. Restart the relink process. 
  3. When prompted with the Facebook login screen, make sure you login with the correct Facebook credentials that your Instagram Business page is connected with.

2. The necessary permissions were adjusted after logging into Facebook. After connecting your Facebook account, you may have adjusted the permission and page settings.

2a. Make sure all of the permissions are turned on and that you have the correct pages connected. We will need all permissions enabled (as shown in the video below) in order to successfully connect your Instagram Business account. More information on permissions here.

2b. If you adjusted these permissions, no worries. Here's how you can reset. 

I keep getting redirected to this screen: 

There are a few reasons why this could happen: 

  1. You don't have an Instagram Business Account. No problem! Learn how to create an IG Business Account here.
  2. You have an Instagram Business Identity but...

   2a. Don't have a Facebook account. If you chose to not connect a Facebook Page at the time you created a business account on Instagram, an unmanaged Facebook Page is automatically created so that people can find your business more easily and check into your business. You can request to claim the Page and become it's admin, but first you must create a Facebook account.
1. Create a Facebook account
2. Go to Instagram and claim your Facebook page. More on this here.
3. Go to Pop Pays and login with your Facebook credentials.

   2b. Switched from a personal account to business, but skipped         linking to a Facebook page.
All IG Business profiles are           connected to a Facebook page. If you skipped this step when switching from personal to business, you'll need to claim your Facebook page and relink on Pop Pays. Details on how to claim a page here.

  2c. Linked to a Facebook page, but still don't see it?
i. Make sure you're logged into the correct Facebook page.
              ii. Make sure you're granting permissions to the correct pages.  



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