We're always reminding creators just how important it is to keep your profile and portfolio in tip top shape and put their best foot forward in front of brands. Here's a checklist on how you can achieve a 100% complete profile and portfolio. Make sure you include: 

  1. First Name
  2. Location
  3. Birthday
  4. Bio
  5. Gender
  6. Content Creator vs. Influencer 
  7. Specialties (at least 1)
  8. Capabilities (at least 1)
  9. Portfolio Photos (at least 5, at most 18)

Pop Pays creator @Adamjk has a profile & portfolio combo with all the right elements. Obviously we didn't show you his profile to copy his words (seriously, don't do that), but to show off all the parts of the profile that make it complete. Make your profile as unique as you are, and don't forget to:

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