If you want to get started with our paid Gigs, you should know that most Brands require at least 5,000 followers on a social network we support, like Instagram or Pinterest. A follower count is how we verify that you’re someone who’s making content that lots of people enjoy. Once you have that, getting started is easy:

1. You can download our iOS app in the App store, or get started using our Creator Web App. You can use either app to sign up for a Pop Pays account, link your social networks, and start applying for Gigs.

2. Browse the campaigns that are currently accepting applicants. See one that interests you? Click on one to read the brief. The “brief” is a summary of what the Brand is looking for, and what you’ll need to deliver to complete the Gig & get paid.

3. If the brief sounds good to you, hit the "Accept Brief & Apply" button. Accepting the brief means agreeing to every detail, so only apply if you’re ready to fulfill it completely. When you apply, you’ll name your price for the Gig, & write a note for the Brand. (Don’t skimp on your note. The note is the place to show your creativity to the Brand. You might want to include stuff like: why you’re a good fit with the Brand, who your audience is, or your ideas for the Gig content.)

4. The next part’s the hardest: waiting. The Brand's team will use the app to accept or pass on your application. Sometimes this happens quickly, and some Brands only review applications once every week or two.

5. If you’re notified that the Brand accepted your application, get started on that content! Before you post, you’ll upload the content through our app for the Brand to review, give feedback, and approve. Once you get the go-ahead, set that beautiful content free onto social media. We’ll send your payment 14 days after the Gig is completed.

The short version of all those words? Sign up, Browse, Apply, Create, Get Paid. That’s it. The iOS app & Creator web app are really easy to figure out, but if you ever have trouble, we’re just a message away.

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