Pop Pays takes care of all payments for work completed through the marketplace. Make sure when you sign up that you choose a payment preference & complete your payment info, so your payments won’t be delayed.

Payments are issued to a Creator 14 days after the Creator has completed a gig (meaning, all the deliverables in the campaign brief have been completed). 

Pop Pays issues payment via Paypal or direct deposit.
Our direct deposit method is free of fees, you what you bid is what you're paid. If your bank is based in the U.S or has a U.S routing number, you can select this payment method in your settings. 

If you select Paypal as your payment method, please note PayPal deducts a 3% service fee from your payment. 

Note: If you update your payment method once your gig has moved into awaiting payment, the payment source will not change on that gig. It will update for any future gigs that move into awaiting payment. 

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