The more you work with Pop Pays, the more you’ll be familiar with these terms, but here’s a head start in the meantime. 

Campaign: Think of a campaign as the big project a Brand wants to complete or the goal a Brand wants to hit. A Creator contributes to a campaign by applying for and completing a Gig.

Gig: An opportunity for you to create content for a Brand who wants to raise awareness about a product or service. A gig is your individual piece of a Brand's campaign.

Brief: Provided by the Brand, the brief is a contract the Creator agrees to when they apply for a campaign. It includes details like a description of the desired campaign content (type and amount), due dates, the Brand’s rights to accepted content, caption requirements, etc. Click here for more on the brief.

Bid: The price that you want to be paid to complete all of the deliverables listed in the brief. You include your bid as part of your campaign application.

Content Due Date: The date by which you need to upload all the required content for a Gig to the platform so the Brand can review and give you feedback. The Content Due Date is not the date by which you have to post your content. (That comes later.)

Suggested Bid: Every once in a while, we will give you a suggested bid for a campaign. We calculate a suggested bid for you based on several factors, ie: your follower count and the type of goal the campaign is trying to meet.

  • If a Gig requires you to post, the suggested bid is based on how many thousands of followers you have relative to the brand’s campaign goal for total followers they want to reach.
  • If the Gig is only content creation, the suggested bid is the price for the pieces of content you’ll create versus how many total pieces of content the campaign needs.
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